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Registration Terms


The VapidGaming Association follows the data inspection laws regarding the processing of personal data.

As a union, we may record information about name, address, telephone number, trust posts and other similar information required for the association's administration. It may also be necessary to register which members participate in various activities organized by the association.

When you become a member of the VapidGaming Association, you agree that the Board uses your personal information for the application of contributions from different agencies. If you oppose this or have questions, please contact the board member before signing up.

Personal data entered into by the association will never be published, handed out to private individuals, or used for, for example, direct mail. However, organizations can work together to make single mail about their own business.

During the 2017/2018 fiscal year, the application for funding is planned from:

• Studieförbundet Folkuniversitetet